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Green House
Center for Biodiversity & Conservation
Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur (Mir's), Sindh-Pakistan
CBC have Humid tropic Green House
Created artificial environment of
rain forest inside the room with
control the temperature & humidity

Mission Statement
�Protection and sustainable use of natural resources by the people;  
keeping high priority in maintaining the ecological balance in various  
ecological zones of Pakistan. To develop human resources with  
teaching/research oriented programmes for the degree of Bachelor, Master  
and Doctorate in defined disciplines/Divisions�
Welcome to CBC-SALU (History)
The development project of Shah Latif University Botanical  
Garden & Herbarium (SLUBGH) was funded by Higher Education  
Commission, Islamabad. This project was completed in 2008. It was  
first of its kind in Pakistan whose activities regarding education,  
nature, conservation, science and awareness have been  
recognised at national and international forums. SLUBGH was  
upgraded as Centre for Biodiversity & Conservation (CBC) vide  
approval by the Governor/Chancellor Universities of Sindh on  
24th, December, 2009
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of Activities carried out in
Herbarium & Botanical garden
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Introduction of Centre for Biodiversity &  
Conservation (CBC)
The CBC was inaugurated on 2nd. February, 2010 by Dr. Javid R.  
Laghari, Chairman, Higher Education Commission (HEC), Islamabad,  
to undertake advance research and studies in the field of  
biological and environmental aspects.  
The Centre includes three divisions:
a)    Floristic Diversity Division;
b)    Faunstic  Diversity Division;
c)    Environmental Science Division
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